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Birch bark souvenirs:

Vernissage Flea / Souvenir / Arts and Crafts Market, Moscow, Russia

Their official site (Russian only): www.moscow-vernisage.ru

This report was prepared in response to repeated requests by our guest to be taken there, and by several orders to have presents bought and shipped abroad. Yes, we can do that too. And yes, we deliver presents. Come back for more info on this largest flea / arts / crafts market in Russia. 

I am responsible for presents, tickets, gift deliveries and similar errands that are a pain in the butt. I can take you there and assist in buying good presents and avoiding bad ones.

More materials from this famous market will be added soon. Be back.

  • Soviet Propaganda Posters


Reproduction or originals, plus modern posters stylized after Soviet propaganda art, are always available. Our favourite sellers chose to remain anonymous but you can find him at stall no. ........... Or get me buy and ship the posters if you are not able to make it here in person.

  • Socks and sweaters

...... makes them herself. Sweaters are both "authentic Russian" and universal. Here is no one less than Uncle Pasha himself with one of .......'s sweaters on to keep him warm during his exploits.


I know the birch bark  makers in Tomsk. So you'll have the  authentic Siberian souvenirs at the lowest cost than somewhere in Moscow. The special page wwith a lot of pictures will be soon.

  • Military


  • Antiques

Antique Christmas tree decorations


  • Watches

Famous mechanical Russian watches Polyot ($25-250) can be ordered and sent you by mail. Pictures will be soon.

  • Russian Christmas decorations:

wooden, metal, textil, antique for local prices - $1.5-10/each. Can be mail you or your friends.
Antique Christmas Decorations. Recently found a vendor specializing in these. Write to me for details. PHOTOS

Also crystal, Poljot watches ($100 less than at the Internet shops!!!), scarfs and shawels, amber, birch bark, dolls, toys, many wooden stuff etc.

rusgirlfriday [@] yandex [.] ru

(phone numbers are in Contact Me but why call
when you can write and I respond
within 2-3 hours?)