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I am no travel agent. I run errands on your behalf, no more and no less.

I am a hired agent. I don't sell anything.

I can check prices and schedules, and procure tickets  but I am not a ticket seller. My fees are for performing errands, NOT selling you anything. Please be clear about it as I have had people who made me run all over the place in search for things, and then changed their mind and refused to pay the bill saying "but I didn't buy anything from you". Don't want that to happen again. Not a big loss in terms of business but highly annoying.

Example: if you get me to buy you a ticket but the trip is cancelled, my modest service fee of $50-100 in most cases in NOT refunded.

The responsibility for your trip, including the safety aspect of it, is ultimately yours, and you must understand that travelling Russia may involve elevated risk levels. Unless you know what you are doing, I recommend organized tours purchased and monitored by licensed, insured, bonded, certified etc. travel agents. I am not one and I service what we here call "savage" travellers.

Please ask yourself if independent Russian travel, and private accommodation arrangements are right for you.

Information presented on this site is intended to orient you about the scene on the whole. There are and will be factual errors in schedules, prices etc.

People recommended on this site are independent operators. I list them based on positive feedback from their clients or other information that leads me to believe they are good. I have no control over them beyond removing them from this resource, and cannot be held liable for anything beyond my direct control.

Also note that I operate in a somewhat chaotic environment. That communications reach their destinations is a mutual responsibility. Don't expect the level of service you are used to in America. I am doing my best under the Wild East circumstances. If this is not for you, your travel agent at home may be able to procure you your Trans-Siberian tickets. Of course the price will be significantly higher, c'est la vie.

Lastly, I was forced to get the famous Uncle Pasha involved into quickly putting together the Trans-Siberian part of my site. I am aware of his attitude problem that comes across in his writing but can't do much about it.


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