Special announcements from Olesya
I'm very interested in a part-time or even full-time job as a representative of your company/organization, or as your personal stand-by assistant in Russia. Please see my CV and business-service related materials and testimonials.
Any proposal? Please write olesya1111[at]yandex[dot]ru
PS  No MLM proposals please.

Olesya Pomazan

Your   Capable   assistant  and Understanding   Friend
in  Moscow,  Russia

No errand too small. Few tasks too complex. Whatever you need in Russia - I'm at your service.

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Last update:
Feb. 13, 2005

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Need to have things done but can't be here yourself? Here are some examples of what I can do on your behalf:

  • Information searching. I can search, select, monitor, summarize and make a report based on Russian Internet materials, newspapers, magazines, and scientific literature. I really prefer this kind of work, and have background to do that well. For details see my resume and examples of projects

  • Interviewing. Extensive experience up to and including accessing high officials in ministries.

  • Compilation of report. After sifting through a mass of information I will prepare a concise and easy-to-read summary for you.

  • Visiting exhibitions, fairs etc. in Russia to promote your company, business, services and products
  • Making lists of names, companies, or organizations of interest to you or your business.
  • Virtual office: telephone, postal address, sorting and re-directing correspondence, errands big and small, simple or otherwise. With me it is almost like being here yourself.
  • And a lot of little things, e.g.

    • Buying the train, flight or performance tickets
    • Phone callings to your friends, ladies, partners etc.
    • Ddelivering  documents, presents, flowers, etc.
    • Procuring Russian stuff that is not available in your country.

What else can I do for you? Just let me know.

More ideas how I can be of help to make your stay in Russia easier and more enjoyable

~Airport pickup by a reliable and trusted English-speaking driver ~
~Finding accommodation from budget to luxury~
~Moscow orientation tour to make you confident and self-sufficient: public transportation, banking, shopping, survival Russian etc.~
~Translating and interpreting~
~Housekeeping help~
~Countryside tours~
~Travel escort~
~Shopping assistance~


rusgirlfriday [at] yandex [dot] ru
+7-095-159-1246 (home, as dialed from abroad)
8-095-159-1246 (from Russia outside of Moscow)
159-1246 (from within Moscow)
(mobile as dialed from anywhere in Russia, incl. Moscow)
(from abroad)

FULL CONTACT DETAILS (printable version)

Need an inexpensive place to stay? I have a spare room, and a $20-30 contribution to this single mother's household budget will make you a welcomed guest. 7-10 min. from M. Voykovskaya, with easy access to both the city center and Sheremetyevo airport. Washing machine, internet... details Photos   Write to rusgirlfriday [at] yandex [dot] ru or, if you are already in Moscow, call me at 159-1246 or 8-916-754-0538. - Olesya