About me

My name is
Olesya (Alexandra is my passport name)

I was born in Tomsk (Siberia) in 1973.
I graduated from the Philosophy department of the Tomsk State University as a sociologist. Than I studied in Moscow for a Masters degree at the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. My master's thesis was about Collective behavior and Social movements in Russia. I also participated in several social researches as a co-author, supervisor, and interviewer while I studied. After my studies I taught Sociology (my students did their own researches) for two years. My expertise thus is people and what they do and society and how it operates.

Since 1999 I worked for the Uncle Pasha’s Consultants and Facilitators. My responsibilities was very close to the Girl Friday conception which I'm now offering for your consideration.
I started my own business in February, 2004.

I have a daughter Maria who was born in November 2001.

Put my academic background, my professional skills, and my life-in-general knowledge to your use!


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